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Hides of Excellence genuine ethically sourced Animal Skin Rugs & Throws make stylish and sustainable decor accents for interior styling.

  • Mongolian Sheepskin Throw Blanket - Camel
    Mongolian Sheepskin Throw Blanket - CamelMongolian Sheepskin Throw Blanket - CamelMongolian Sheepskin Throw Blanket - Camel

    Mongolian Sheepskin Throw Blanket - Camel

    WAS: AUD $792 AUD $594

    Size: 1.2m x 1.8m

    Wrap yourself in the luxurious warmth and cosy comfort of a Hides of Excellence genuine Mongolian sheepskin throw blanket, dyed in an inviting camel tone.

    Measuring 120cm x 180cm, this exquisite blanket has the genuine wool fleece adorning one side of the blanket, with the reverse side being a matching colour camel velour that will blend effortlessly into any space for a cosy intimate feeling. 

    The lightweight soft texture of Mongolian sheepskin makes this blanket a versatile decor accent to be enjoyed all year round, whether you're relaxing on the lounge watching TV or draped over the bed. It will bring both style and function on those cold chilly nights.

    Like all our soft furnishing, this Mongolian sheepskin blanket is crafted from ethically sourced by-products. The blanket combines many hides to form the larger size area of the blanket. Since it is made from genuine sheepskin, you can rest assure there is no other sheepskin blanket exactly the same. Your space is as unique as you are, and your sheepskin blanket should be no different.

    We place great importance as to the preparation of this blanket, ensuring no harsh chemicals or dyes are applied during the tanning of each hide. This ensures it is safe for adults, children, pets, and of course kind to the environment.

    To avoid any discolouration of the dyed fleece, we recommend this blanket be kept out of direct sunlight at all times.

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    How To Care For This Hide

    • Keep natural hair fluffy and dust free simply by shaking
    • Spot clean with damp cloth. Do not apply cleaning or chemical agents
    • Allow to dry naturally in the shade
    • Avoid direct sunlight as UV rays may damage the skin

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