6 Seriously Chic Styling Ideas for Your New Hide Rug

6 Seriously Chic Styling Ideas for Your New Hide Rug

Layer It...

layered cowhide rug style tips

Photo By Studio McGee

One of our all-time favourite looks is a hide rug layered on top of a sisal, jute or natural fibre rug. This tried-and-true decorating trick allows you to anchor your furniture - choose whatever size natural fibre rug you need - while the hide rug adds depth and dimension. And, let's face it: it looks quite cool, doesn't it!

shorn icelandic triple hide area rug

Shorn Icelandic Triple Hide Area Rug (AUD $440)

Give It Room To Shine...

gold metallic print zebra cowhide

As much as we love layering tricks, a genuine animal hide rug is beautiful on its own, with texture, interesting shapes, and vivid colour... why not let them steal the spotlight? We love the idea of using a hide rug as a primary focal point. Try this styling tip in your office space, entry foyer or any room with bare floors. It's a chic yet clean way to create some excitement in a simple space.

gold metallic zebra print cowhide

Gold Metallic Zebra Print Cowhide Rug (AUD $429)

Clean Up...

reindeer hide rug

Everyone expects to see a bath mat or a terrycloth rug in the bathroom, but why not go rogue? Surprise your guests with a reindeer hide rug next to the bathtub, and you’ll instantly breathe warmth and style into that cold, tiled bathroom of yours. Reindeer hides are naturally water resistant, so they’re the perfect choice for creating a WOW factor. We do however recommend this styling tip more for a guest bathroom, where excessive water will be minimal.

beige reindeer hide

Beige Reindeer Hide (AUD $380)

Get Cooking ...

cowhide rug in the kitchen

Photo by Kimberly Chau via Style Me Pretty

A hide rug? In the kitchen? While the culinary domain isn’t the most common place to spot a hide rug, it makes perfect sense: it’s durable, easy to care for, and it can add a little bit of edge to a space that’s otherwise simple. We love how this spotted rug is the final finishing touch, complementing this white kitchen’s glamorous brass details.


jaguar print cowhide rug

Cowhide Rug with Jaguar Animal Print (AUD $389) 

Drape It...

fallow deer skin hide

Photo by @luxefeme + @jorg.stylist

A wooden bench gets a warm, inviting face-lift thanks to the addition of a fallow deer skin hide draped effortlessly over it here. This styling tip is an interior designer's fave - and it’s a wonderful way to bring a bit of personality to your entryway or living room console, etc. A deer skin or reindeer hide are especially fitting for this use, since these are more decorative hides not intended to be walked on. They also bring an added an element of interest and unique style to the space.


deer skin draped over console

Deer Skin Rug - Dark (AUD $286)

Float It...

animal hide rug styling tips

Photo via Nuevo Estilo

We have a tendency to want to put hide rugs directly under our furniture - anchored under a coffee table, a dining table, or a pair of chairs. But there’s no reason it can’t just float out there on it’s own. And in fact, angling your hide rug in the dead space between your furniture is a fantastic way to fill up the room. All of a sudden that lounge that felt a little bit to large may all of a sudden feel just right.


Cowhide Rug with Panther Animal Print (AUD $429)

What are your favourite ways to style a cowhide rug? Share with us below.

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