4 Ways to Style a Sheepskin in Your Baby's Nursery

4 Ways to Style a Sheepskin in Your Baby's Nursery

Whether you’re searching for that perfect nursery gift or you want to add something to your registry that still speaks to your (soon-to-be mummy) glam style, a gorgeous, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic sheepskin throw is just about perfect. Smart, stylish, and oh-so-soft, you’ll love the sheepskin so much, you’ll want one for your own room.

Cosy & Chic

A gorgeous merino sheepskin adds texture and enduring style while also being an eco-friendly place to play, relax, and explore the world. Fabulous style that stay with your little one long after they outgrow the pram.

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1.Shelf Life

Break up the clutter and chaos of a nursery shelf with the luxe look of a sheepskin throw. Doubled up or laid flat, it will add a glam look to any nursery. Feeling bold? Use a sheepskin in a vibrant blue or pink on top of the changing table for an electic look.

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2.Rock On

3 a.m. wakeups may not look glamorous, but it doesn’t mean they can’t feel like it! Drape a sheepskin throw over the back or place it at the foot of the chair for a sweet and cosy experience you’ll remember for years to come.

3.Make Room

Don’t have space for a full-on nursery? Add sheepskin rug on the floor next to the crib and you’ll instantly frame the space and feel perfectly luxurious in your extra-cosy space.


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