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Blesbok Hide

Shop Hides of Excellence silky soft Blesbok Hide Cushions for a textural boost and sustainable interior designer finish to any room. The hides are ethically sourced in South Africa and crafted under strict environmentally friendly conditions free from harmful chemicals and dyes to ensure they are both safe for people and pets, while also being gentle on the environment.

  • Blesbok and Suede Leather Cushion - Brown
    Blesbok and Suede Leather Cushion - BrownBlesbok and Suede Leather Cushion - Brown

    Blesbok and Suede Leather Cushion - Brown

    WAS: AUD $165 AUD $165

    Size: 50cm x 30cm

    Hides of Excellence offer a range or luxurious home decor accents made from the finest blesbok hide. This cushion is a rectangular lumbar shape, measuring in size 50cm wide by 30cm high. If features three panels on the front side of the cushion, two of which have the silky soft blesbok hide, and the centre panel design features a soft pigskin suede leather in matching tone. The suede leather adorns the reverse side of the pillow.

    The cushion comes fitted with a dacron insert for immediate styling. It is easy to replace when necessary via a zip closure along the top seam of the cushion.

    We take great pride in ensuring the hides we work with are from CITES approved animal by-products. The tanning of the hide is also equally considered, ensuring it too is environmentally friendly and free from harmful chemicals and dyes.

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    How To Care For This Hide

    • To clean the hide we recommend shaking the cushion to remove dust or dirt from the surface
    • Attend to any soiled areas immediately simply with a damp wet water cloth. Do not apply cleaning or chemical agents
    • Allow to dry naturally in the shade

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