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Hides of Excellence Animal Skins & Hides are ethically sourced by-products, tanned under strict eco friendly guidelines & luxurious home accessories.

  • Merino Sheepskin Runner (2 Panels) - Pink
    Merino Sheepskin Runner (2 Panels) - PinkMerino Sheepskin Runner (2 Panels) - Pink

    Merino Sheepskin Runner (2 Panels) - Pink

    WAS: AUD $506 AUD $253

    Size: 180cmL x 60cmW

    Hides of Excellence custom made pink merino sheepskin duo runner is the perfect decor accent, combining cosiness and style in one.

    Measuring approximately 180cm length by 60cm width, this plush runner will delight the senses of under your feet when you wake up in the morning and before your retire to bed at night if you lay the runner down the side of the bed or in your dressing room. It is also a versatile shape and the perfect softness to drape over your lounge or daybed.

    This merino sheepskin runner is a one off. It has been custom made from ethically sourced quality genuine merino sheepskin. The fleece has been environmentally treated and dyed under strict guidelines to ensure it is safe for you, pets and the environment.

    Merino sheepskin wool has all the wonderful characteristics and qualities you could want in a decor accent. Merino sheepskin is hypo-allergenic, repels the dirt so it's easy to care for, while also keeping you lovely and warm in winter and cool in summer. That is why may people choose merino sheepskin over all other sheepskin variations. It is the ideal gift for a baby shower that will keep on bringing pleasure in the home for many years to come.

    We specialise in producing custom pieces like this rose pink merino sheepskin runner, and are always happy to quote to make you up an alternate size should  you require. The larger sizes are combinations of the duo panels sewn together to form a larger area rug.

    Due Panel Merino Sheepskin Runner Size Approximately: 180cm x 60cm

    Please note: To avoid discolouration of any dyed sheepskin product, we do not recommend placing this runner in direct sunlight. Uv-rays will discolour the fleece over time and dry the backing of the genuine hide.

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    How To Care For This Hide

    • To keep fleece fluffy shake often and brush with a wire wool comb while wet or after drying
    • Dry vacuum with normal head on light suction to prevent dirt from embedding in fleece. Do not use turbo or rotating vacuum heads or powerful suction
    • Attend to spills immediately. Blot with clean wet water cloth. Scoop solids with side of a spoon or knife edge to avoid the solid penetrating the fibre
    • Do not dry clean or use any chemicals on the wool fleece
    • Do not immerse the sheepskin in water. Avoid the skin backing from getting wet
    • Never rub the fleece, particularly when wet cloth
    • Allow to dry naturally in the shade
    • Avoid direct sunlight as UV rays may fade colour
    • Colour transfer may occur on light fabrics

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