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Animal Skins & Hides

Hides of Excellence Animal Skins & Hides are ethically sourced by-products, tanned under strict eco friendly guidelines & luxurious home accessories.

  • Icelandic Sheepskin Cushion - White
    Icelandic Sheepskin Cushion - WhiteIcelandic Sheepskin Cushion - WhiteIcelandic Sheepskin Cushion - WhiteIcelandic Sheepskin Cushion - White

    Icelandic Sheepskin Cushion - White

    WAS: AUD $129 AUD $129

    Size: 40cm x 40cm

    Hides of Excellence's natural white Icelandic sheepskin cushion is the perfect accessory when you're looking to add an original design finish to a room.

    With its signature free-flowing long fleece ranging in length from 5cm to 20cm, the Icelandic sheepskin cushion has a rock n’ roll edge without losing all the cosy comfort of a soft, natural hair cushion. This texture of this all natural hide cushion gives it a fun and wild look, while its luxurious softness and natural tone keeps it elegantly sophisticated.

    These stunning cushions make a dramatic statement on their own, when added to your favourite chair or sofa, or scattered on your bed for an even more luxurious display. It would be hard to force yourself away from sleep when you're curled up with these butter-soft cushions!

    The Icelandic sheepskin cushion also makes a perfect gift for the hip and fashionable young family member, or friend on your holiday gift list.

    Hides of Excellence's white Icelandic sheepskin cushion is a natural product, produced from ethically sourced sheepskin by-product. No harsh chemicals have been used in the tanning process, so it's perfectly safe to allow a baby, pet, or anyone else to enjoy this cushion.

    Also available in dyed silver grey or black.

    Slight colour variations may occur as this is a genuine, natural skin product.

    Size 40cm x 40cm. Cushion comes fitted with insert.

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    How To Care For This Hide

    • Keep natural hair neat and tidy using a pet brush. Vacuum regularly
    • Spot clean with damp cloth. Do not apply cleaning or chemical agents
    • Allow to dry naturally in the shade
    • Avoid direct sunlight as UV rays may damage the skin

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