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Hides of Excellence genuine ethically sourced Animal Skin Rugs & Throws make stylish and sustainable decor accents for interior styling.

  • Reindeer Hide - Albino
    Reindeer Hide - AlbinoReindeer Hide - AlbinoReindeer Hide - AlbinoReindeer Hide - Albino
    Reindeer Hide - AlbinoReindeer Hide - AlbinoReindeer Hide - AlbinoReindeer Hide - Albino
    Reindeer Hide - Albino

    Reindeer Hide - Albino

    AUD $660 AUD $660

    Size: Approx 130cm x 100cm

    A reindeer hide throw is always an elegant and distinctive touch in a rustic or even contemporary home, but this albino reindeer hide throw from Hides of Excellence is a truly extraordinary find. Remarkably rare, and utterly beautiful, it bears not only its 100% natural splendour, but the hallmarks of quality that has made Hides of Excellence the preferred provider for this type of delicate hide.

    This natural albino reindeer hide can be used as a show-stopping floor covering in areas of no traffic, or as a stunning throw. You will marvel at the texture of this hide thanks to the rigorous standards by which it has been crafted. With no two hides ever exactly the same, these are guaranteed to be tanned under environmentally friendly conditions that makes them safe for people, pets and the environment.

    Slight markings and imperfections in the hair of this hide are to be expected, and are evidence of its rarity, uniqueness and superior careful processing.

    Ethically sourced, we recommend cleaning these albino reindeer hides simply by shaking off the dust and dirt or with a very gentle, low speed vacuum cleaner using a gentle head. Though these rare hides are considered naturally waterproof, we do not suggest submerging it in excessive amounts of water. Simply spot clean with water on a clean cloth to the affected soiled area. 

    Being a more delicate hide, avoid excessive rubbing so as not to damage the hair follicles and keep off direct heat sources that could dry the back of the skin.

    Please contact us if you would like to see images of current stock albino reindeer hides for your consideration in selecting your perfect throw.

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    How To Care For This Hide

    • Vacuum on gentle setting to remove surface dust and dirt
    • Spot clean with damp cloth. Do not apply cleaning or chemical agents
    • Allow to dry naturally in the shade
    • Avoid direct sunlight as UV rays may damage the skin

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